Our Process

Accolade Group of India is dedicated to learning your business so that we can provide the most benefit to you in the shortest possible amount of time.

In order to accomplish this, we have developed a straightforward process that aims to quickly get your business to the end game.

Learn & Document

Our process starts by listening to you describe your business, its processes, problems and objectives. Through this dialog we learn how your company does what it does, and what you want to gain by using our services. We document what we learn, including our appreciation of your end goals, and we share that with you to ensure that we have the same understanding. This is the ‘what’ stage of our process – as in, “What will we do for you?”

Design & Share

The second step is to design a method where we can work within your existing process to meet your end goal. In some cases we may need to make a process change to integrate more effectively – for the efficiency of the process and to achieve the agreed upon end goals. What we do not do, is change your process to suit our needs at the expense of your end goals. This is the ‘how’ stage of our process – as in, “This is how we propose to work with you to meet your goals.”

Test & Evaluate

The third step is to test our designed process with your team to ensure that our assumptions to this point are accurate and will work in a practical manner. Even though we may have worked together, something may have been lost in translation or some systems may need to be changed to achieve the desired efficiency. This is the ‘trial’ stage of our process. This is a period when we take on the work in a limited way to iron out any kinks before we take on more.

Refine & Launch

The fourth step is the acknowledgement that we have reached the point of quality expected with the processes desired outcome. In releasing the process we have tested in the earlier step, we have gradually added more load to the process – for example, in the earlier step we may have started with processing only 10 orders a day, then 20, and so on until we reach a point of quality satisfaction. When we reach that point, we have achieved the fourth step and are in full production. From that point forward, any change, or refinement to the process will be done in a limited and controlled way, when possible, so that the refinement itself can be tested and evaluated before subjecting the entire workload to the changed process.


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